Market Executive Forum

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What's a Market Executive Forum?

Market Executive Peer Group Forums provide field leaders the opportunity to engage with their peers in highly interactive discussions around the specific challenges and best-practice solutions found within our new work environment.

Peer Group Forums are specific to Market Executives, limited in size, and are held in off-site locations.

Experienced facilitators work with the group throughout the one-day program to surface, and then highlight, unique management challenges, best practices, & innovative
processes within 4 key areas of marketplace and office management:

  • Defining and delivering relevant leadership now
  • Managing, mentoring, & collaborating with Advisors--both the in-office Advisor as well as the remote Advisor or Advisor Team
  • Using internal and external leadership resources to build Advisor skillsets as well as accountability towards growth
  • Promoting Advisor retention--developing & conveying the M/E’s personal “value-proposition” to Advisors

Market Executive forums are designed to:

  • Build collaboration and camaraderie
  • Surface common leadership challenges
  • Promote sharing of existing best-practices
  • Foster group solutions around the unique challenges surfaced
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