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What's a Practice Management Forum?

  • A group of Financial Advisors limited to just 16 attendees
  • Present and solve common business challenges as a group
  • Share best practices and practice innovations
  • Craft relevant solutions
  • Create the catalyst for your accelerating career path
A group of people in a business forum. A forum brought together by Impact Learning, located in Atlanta Ga.

Imagine a small group of just 16 Advisors having the opportunity to actively discuss each of their unique practices, to learn innovative practice management solutions from their successful peers, to present and solve common business challenges as a group, and to leave with a portfolio of new ideas, practice innovations, and professional relationships that will, for many, become a catalyst for their accelerating career paths.

That’s what happens when like-minded professionals get together.

Not a Lecture

Impact Learning specializes in providing highly interactive Peer to Peer collaboration forums for the most successful Advisors and their leaders in the Financial Services Industry. Our unique “Peer Group Forums” are limited in size and allow for 100% interaction between attendees. No lectures, no PowerPoint presentations.

Group of people standing together for small groups

Small Groups


Not a Lecture


New Ideas


Solve Common Problems

A group of business people working together. They are discussing the benefits of using Impact Learning, located in Atlanta Ga

What’s a Typical Forum Like?

Practice Management Forums are fast-paced, structured over one day, and are specifically formatted to engage the group in interactive discussions around the 4 key components of a successful financial services practice.

Those 4 components are:

  • Asset & Liability Management
  • Client Service & Retention
  • Marketing & Client Acquisition
  • Team Development & Technology

The overall agenda provides attendees with plentiful opportunities to gain insights into the specific workings of each other’s practice. The collaborative peer discussions surface and then highlight unique business attributes, innovative processes, turn-key tactics, and effective team management strategies used by each attendee.

Recent Topics from Peer Group Discussions

Asset & Liability Management

  • Tools for Managing Client Expectations
  • Asset Allocation: Categories & Weightings
  • Strategies for Managing Fixed Income
  • Alternatives—Product Spectrum and Preferences
  • External Managers, Funds, ETF’s
  • Pricing
  • Managing Performance & Performance Reporting
  • Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Managing RMD Cash Flows
  • Team Analysts & Support Roles

Client Service & Retention

  • Optimal Client Characteristics
  • Client Segmentation, Contact Frequency & Practice Capacity
  • Customized Value-Add Deliverables
  • Optimal Planning Tools & Usage
  • Pricing Methodology—Inclusive or A la carte
  • Outside Advisor Integration Strategies
  • Client Events
  • NextGen Pursuit & Deliverables
  • Team Support Roles

Marketing & Client Acquisition

  • Spousal & Next Gen Retention Strategies
  • Client Introduction and Referral Tactics
  • Strategies for Converting Social/Affluent Acquaintances into Clients
  • Marketing to Centers Of Influence
  • Niche Marketing
  • Specialty Events
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Team Relationship Management Roles 

Team Development & Technology

  • Gaining Leverage With Process and People
  • Creating Optimal Job Descriptions & Roles
  • Employee Compensation and Ownership
  • Performance Reviews and Reporting
  • Employee Database Formats & Management
  • Strategies for Creating Team “Esprit des Corps”
  • Optimal Office/Space Layouts
  • CRM Vendors, Usage & Customization
  • Mobile Technology Usage and Applications

Who’s An Ideal Candidate?

It’s been our experience that the Advisors who benefit the most from this interactive format have the following characteristics:

  • Experienced Professionals
  • Growth Oriented
  • Planning Based, Consultative Practice
  • Great Interpersonal Skillsets
  • Positive Attitude

Participants will be select peers who are motivated to learn and grow.

A group of business people working together. They are discussing the benefits of using Impact Learning, located in Atlanta Ga

Hear From Attendees

“I really did not know what to expect going in, but once we started, I was very impressed with the content and the format. You made it very interesting and thought-provoking. The format was outstanding, and the ideas shared with the other FA’s in attendance were terrific. Thanks again for all of your help.”

G.C., Los Angeles, CA.
LOS 30+, Team-based practice, multi-million-dollar FA

Key Deliverables

Two diverse businesspeople smiling while working on a laptop together at the end of a boardroom table in an office

As you may imagine, a great number of new ideas, processes, and practice management innovations & solutions are surfaced within each of these forums.

Following the forum, Impact Learning engages with each Advisor attendee in a series of individual coaching calls designed to focus on their specific practice management challenges and to help them implement specific solutions presented during the forum.

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